Both film director and visual artist, Frédérique de Montblanc was born in Brussels. She studied at Concordia University in Montreal (BFA) then at CalArts in Los Angeles (MFA).

She has just finished the post-production for her feature length documentary Dragon Women, while developing Josiane, a feature length comedy co-written with Noëmie Nicolas and Waldenia, a not-so-futuristic short movie.

In the past, she has produced a number of interdisciplinary projects with visual artists such as : Various Artists (BE), Sarah Sire (BE), Madaleine Trigg (NZ) & Janne Larsen (US). At the moment, she is busy brewing future mischief with Mihail Onea (RO).

As a designer, she has collaborated with various directors and choreographers in Europe and in the US such as : Pascal Rambert (FR), Marie-Agnes Gillot (FR), Cie Mossoux-Bonte (BE), Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre Company (US), Maxence Rey (FR), Maria-Clara Villa Lobos (BE), Sofia Betz (BE), Bára Sigfúsdóttir (FIN) or Clement Thirion (BE).


+32 (0) 470 354 334

currently lives in Brussels.